Cardio Kickboxing

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Program overview


Cardio kickboxing is a combination of martial arts techniques and high-intensity cardio. It builds your stamina, coordination, muscle, flexibility, balance, and reflexes. Many people enjoy cardio kickboxing because it provides a challenging yet fun group workout that burns many calories and improves your overall physical fitness at the same time.

Many of the techniques in contact kickboxing are also used in cardio kickboxing, such as jabs and uppercuts, knee strikes, front kicks, and sidekicks, but it is completely non-contact since all punches and kicks are thrown into pads or the air. Classes have a warm-up and cool down involving different types of stretching. Sometimes there are segments for core exercises. You can burn 900-1000 calories in an hour with cardio kickboxing, and elevating your heart rate with the different workouts enables cardiovascular conditioning to improve your heart. Some people take kickboxing classes for fat loss as well. You can burn a lot of fat through cardio kickboxing since your body will begin to build muscle. As muscle mass increases, so does your metabolism, and therefore your body will begin to lose weight faster.

Your mental health is benefited too, since the exercises challenge your endurance and concentration. The most important thing to remember since cardio kickboxing is considered a high-intensity workout is that you should push your limits, but know them too so as not to overwork yourself (it’s important to take sufficient water breaks). Stress is also reduced due to the release of endorphins, and you will see your energy improving as well as your mood and the quality of your sleep.

Cardio kickboxing classes can turn into real life self defense using the different kicks and punches that you’ll learn. The workouts include different marital arts components that will help you get stronger. If you are looking to take cardio kickboxing classes, it’s important to wear comfortable clothes and be prepared for a thorough cardiovascular and martial arts workout.

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