Message From the Dojo

Ultimate Martial Arts and Fitness is a modern and unique dojo, leadership academy, and state-of-the art fitness center located in Lynbrook, New York. We provide world class Karate instruction, Mixed Martial Arts, Kids Martial Arts, Kick Boxing, Self-Defense, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Fitness Bootcamp. While offering a broad range of classes, here at UMAF, the essence of our dojo is drawn from the time-honored karate principles of respect and character development. Our classes embody the traditional teachings of martial arts with application to the modern world. Our fundamental ambition is to help our students achieve the quintessential balance of mind and body. While engaged in their physical training, our students benefit from lessons that encourage development of the heart and mind. These lessons include but are not limited to the following: character growth; self-confidence; humility; compassion; perseverance and of course, when the time is right we also know how to have some fun!


* Named "2016 TOP CLUB" by the USA National Karate-Do Federation