Fitness bootcamps are designed to build strength, muscle, and endurance. Boot camps are usually based on teamwork and promote team effort, sometimes with games and exercises involving teams.

You will burn fat using intensive and explosive exercise routines. Fitness classes usually involve a variety of intense group intervals over a 1-hour period of time. Interval training are bursts of intense exercises alternating with lighter activity. For example, it can involve body weight exercises, lifting different weights, pulling rubber straps, doing push-ups and sit-ups, and plyometric exercises (jump training where the muscles exert lots of force within intervals).

Your cardiovascular efficiency, strength, and overall fitness will improve after and throughout boot camp classes. Since boot camps are usually aerobic exercises, they will reduce high blood pressure and stress (due to the release of endorphins). If you are looking for a way to get fit and stay healthy, boot camps are for you.

If you are looking for results, and not for excuses, then you are ready to take our boot camp challenge!

We are confident that our boot camp classes will meet or exceed your fitness goals. We offer classes for “women only” as well classes that are mixed. The exercises are engineered to maximize your cardio workout while targeting muscle performance.


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